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Hi, I’m Seugnét

A full-time wedding and portrait photographer. Together with my husband, little boy and our two dogs we live on a farm just outside a small town called Alldays. I have been interested in photography ever since my parents bought me my first camera in 2009. At first, I was obsessed with flowers, but as I grew older people started to fascinate me. Luckily for me, my little sister was always willing to pose for my impromptu photoshoots. We have been living on a farm our whole life and would regularly grab a bunch of outfits, get on the four-wheeler and scout for the “perfect locations”.

I graduated high school in 2010 and enrolled in a 4-year interior design degree in 2011. After I received my degree in 2014 it was when I realized I am most passionate behind the camera. In 2015 I enlisted in a short course in photography, which has enabled me to challenge myself creatively and better myself with each photo shoot.

Photo Credit – Film and Fiesta Photography.

What I love about a wedding day is that it is filled with so many personal details, beautiful lingering moments, sincere smiles and genuine loves. These are the moments that tell a story…your story. My job is to capture those precious fleeting in-between moments, documenting your memories in a tangible form.

These moments are the visual heirlooms that will evoke the same emotions you felt on your wedding day. These moments are meant to be remembered. It is one of the most memorable days in your life, where your love and the start of your journey together is celebrated with your loved ones. My goal is to artistically tell your story by capturing all the memorable moments that made your day special. Each love story is unique and sharing this time together helps me to create images that reflect the true you. If you would love for me to be a part of your life story, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. It would be an honour to preserve your memories for you!

I am a lover of soft natural light, romance and unique love stories

Photo Credit – Film and Fiesta Photography.

I am a lover of soft natural light, romance and unique love stories

Photo Credit – Film and Fiesta Photography.

My Style…

I always aim to capture images that tell a story, that are authentic, emotionally filled and most importantly, timeless. My love for light-filled images, beautiful surroundings and unique love stories will evoke a sense of emotion and result in memorable images that will find a way to your heart. I mainly use soft natural light with a colour palette of warm earthy tones to create luminous images.

My Approach

I approach a wedding day with a goal to provide my couple with a full narrative of their day, from candid moments to traditional poses, and everything in between. I have recently started experimenting with more artistic, fine art style images, for a more creative approach. This type of mindset keeps me inspired and opens my mind to new ideas, challenging me to find the beauty and elegance in every single new encounter.

To stay true to my style and what makes my photography unique, I sometimes have to insert myself to make an authentic moment happen. I use my knowledge of light and composition to style and gently direct my couples in such a manner that they are wrapped in beautiful luminous light.

As much as I love to direct my couples, I also enjoy taking a step back, observing and capturing the moments as they unfold.

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